SECUREMATRIX® is a unique, patented matrix authentication solution that combines patterns and images to form a one-time single use password.
Passwords can be used for Desktops, Windows, VPNs, E-mail, Intranets & Extranets, Web Servers, E-commerce, and other network resources.

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Partners & Customers DELL WyseThinOS Integration

CSE Co., Ltd.  Joins Citrix to Integrate SECUREMATRIX® with next generation of NetScaler SDX

Do your users have trouble remembering passwords? And are you concerned with security, ease of use, password management, and cost reduction?

Fear not, we have just the solution for you: A One-Time, Unique Password Using Familiar Patterns. No more mind-boggling combinations of characters to remember! No more expensive and clumsy token devices to carry! Let us present you with SECUREMATRIX®, the time-tested, highly-secure, and patented One-Time Password (OTP) system brought to you from Japan, the land of security consciousness! With a growing client base of 650+ enterprise-class companies and governmental agencies and more than 600,000 users daily testing the limits of this system, we at CSESSI welcome you to consider SECUREMATRIX® for your next-gen, OTP needs!